Proston Primary To Year 10

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Proston Primary To Year 10 is a school in Australia that is located in a place called Proston, which is found in the region of QLD, Australia.

Proston Primary To Year 10 Review

Proston Primary To Year 10 gets a score of 67 out of a possible 100.

Proston Primary To Year 10 is a good Australian school that many see as a sound option in the region of QLD.

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Proston Primary To Year 10


The official name of this school is Proston Primary To Year 10.

It is a Public School.

Entrance to the school is via Rodney St.

Fees and Costs

This is a Public School which means it is generally free for students with Citizenship and Permanent Residency to enrol and attend.

Admissions to Proston Primary To Year 10

Proston Primary To Year 10 accepts students that are eligible to be enrolled in an Australian Educational institution. International students are welcome to apply, however there is no guarantee of a placement at Proston Primary To Year 10.

Acceptance at Proston Primary To Year 10 is based on several factors, some including home address zoning, past academic performance and grades, financial situation, current enrolment waitlists and sometimes where compassionate grounds can be established.

Studying at Proston Primary To Year 10

Proston Primary To Year 10 is a registered education institution and is currently accepting new student enrolments for 2023/2024.

For more information about applying to Proston Primary To Year 10, please visit their website by clicking the apply button at the top of their page (if eligible).

Scholarships at Proston Primary To Year 10

Proston Primary To Year 10 potentially has scholarships available for 2023 / 2024. You will need to get in touch with the school directly for details.

Student life in Proston

Proston is a place in QLD that is very easy to live and provides a great environment for education.

There have been no negative reports recieved from Students, Parents or Staff at Proston Primary To Year 10.


Teachers from Proston Primary To Year 10 are fully qualified and are experts in teaching students in at the Australian level. Teaching is of the highest standard, and is certified by the local council in Proston and state government in QLD.

Loved this school!


Proston Primary To Year 10 is classed as specialising in Education.


A primary school is an institution that typically caters towards students of the ages between 5 and 12. Traditional Primary schools run levels between Prep and Grade 6.

A secondary school institution is classed as a High School, meaning it generally takes in students aged between 12 and 18, and only offers Grades from 6 to 12.

Please enquire directly with Proston Primary To Year 10 to obtain the rules around age groups and grade levels for Education.

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